“Challenge of the Bow” with MARIETA ŻUKOWSKA on 24th New Horizons Film Festival! | 08.07.2024

The movie Challenge of the Bow starring MARIETA ŻUKOWSKA (directed by Łukasz Barczyk) will be presented in the Masters, Masters section at the 24th New Horizons Film Festival!
“In The Odyssey, Homer described Penelope as a faithful wife, living with the memory of Odysseus and the hope of his return, but also as a cunning person who, in order to confuse and discourage admirers, arranges archery contests. Łukasz Barczyk uses this archetype in his latest film, turning a modern Penelope into Marta (Marieta Żukowska), who, ten years after her husband’s disappearance, decides to finally understand what really happened to him and name the relationship that bound them. Together with his best friend (Łukasz Barczyk), accompanied by a film crew, they travel to the Greek island of Thassos, where he was last seen. Will they manage to reconstruct the sequence of events and unravel the mystery?”