Five films presented in the Mastercard OFF CAMERA 2024 Polish Feature Film Competition! | 04.04.2024

On April 26, the Mastercard Off Camera Festival will begin in Krakow !

In the Polish Feature Film Competition, ten productions compete for the award every year. Among the first five are:

“Błazny” – directed and written by GABRIELA MUSKAŁA

“Doppelgänger. Sobowtór” by Jan Holoubek, with a cast including KATARZYNA HERMAN

“Kos” by Pawel Maślona, leading roles by BARTOSZ BIELENIA and JACEK BRACIAK, set design by ANNA ANOSOWICZ

“Lęk” by Slawomir Fabicki – MARTA NIERADKIEWICZ in one of the main roles

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