“Prosta sprawa” already on Canal + Online! | 22.05.2024

The first episode of the series Prosta sprawa is now available on CANAL+!

The cast includes MATEUSZ WIECŁAWEK.
Cinematography by KLAUDIUSZ DWULIT.
CANAL+ Poland’s latest original production is a high-adrenaline action cinema based on the bestseller by Wojciech Chmielarz.
It tells the story of a mysterious man (Bezimienny) who comes to the Karkonosze Mountains to repay a debt to his friend, Prosty (Mateusz Więcławek). It turns out that the boy has a terminally ill daughter, for whose treatment he stole money from the border and ruthless mafia. When Prosty disappears, gang boss Kazik sends his men to find Prosty and the stolen money at all costs. Bezimienny makes the only morally right decision, triggering a string of dramatic events.