SEBASTIAN FABIJAŃSKI as Stanisław Brzóska. | 02.01.2024

Sebastian Fabijański as Father General Stanisław Brzóska.

“For me it was very important that this role had a spiritual aspect. At the stage of the initial discussions about the film, when it still had the title “The Last Ghost,” the spiritual deepening of this theme came up by itself. In addition to my journey through faith, the concept of God and so on, because this is a separate matter, I was very keen to somehow try to be inspired by this spirit. The seminarians at Father Maciej Majek’s seminary, provided me with a room where I stayed for a few days. Together with Father Maciej, I traveled in the footsteps of Father Stanisław Brzóska and absorbed Father Maciej’s vast knowledge of Father Stanisław Brzóska. I wanted very much to strip this role of the externality, those expressive fireworks that I had accustomed the audience to, I wanted to reduce a large amount of that kind of artistic risk or even bravado of mine, which I love, but in this case I wanted to hide within myself, in that hope, in that spirit, faith and love.”

Powstaniec 1863 in theaters on January 12!