The first image for the film “Franz” by AGNIESZKA HOLLAND! | 22.05.2024

Films Boutique reveals the first sales information and the first image for the biographical film “Franz” directed by AGNIESZKA HOLLAND!

“European cinema needs more ambitious biographical stories to keep alive the work and lives of its greatest visionaries,” – Šárka Cimbalová said.
“This is exactly what we have in ‘Franz. Agnieszka Holland’s version of Kafka’s life, created by Agnieszka Holland, is not a simple retelling of his life, a summary of his greatest hits, with everything morally complicated removed to make the subject more sympathetic.”
The screenplay was written by Marek Epstein in collaboration with Agnieszka Holland.
Cinematographer – TOMASZ NAUMIUK!

The entire article is available on Variety’s website.