The Young and Film Festival begins in Koszalin! | 10.06.2024

On June 10th, the Young and Film Festival will begin in Koszalin!

The selection of the Feature Debuts Competition includes:
“Błazny” directed by GABRIELA MUSKAŁA.
“The students of the Acting Department learn that the graduation film with their participation will be made by the well-known director Gajda. This news electrifies them: everyone wants to be in the cast. The focus is on the relationship of the four protagonists: Luke/Abel, Olo/Cain, Julka/Balladyna and Alice/Alina. The professional rivalry is overlaid with a private one. The line between reality and fiction slowly begins to blur. The game for a role in the production turns into a game for everything.”
“Game over” (directed by Pawel Powolny) MIKOŁAJ CHROBOCZEK in one of the main roles!
“Twenty-nine-year-old Wojtek, an unemployed gamer, receives a court order to leave the house of his mother, Joanna, within a month. An argument ensues between the characters, after which Wojtek finds Joanna unconscious at the entrance to the stairs. The diagnosis points to a brainstem injury resulting in the so-called locked-in syndrome. Joanna is conscious, but apart from her eye movements she is unable to move. Her chance of recovery may be enhanced by expensive rehabilitation.”
The Young and Film Festival is the oldest festival in Poland to feature film debuts. The event will begin on Monday, June 10th, and will last until June 15th.
More about the Festival: