We invite you to Chabiorowanie! | 08.07.2024

We invite you to Chabiorowanie!
BWA Ostrowiec and Sopra Gallery invite you to an exceptional and unique event.
CHABIOROWANIE 1990-2090 – a dirty diary of Janusz Chabior’s emotions.
Curator: Barbara Demuth
After the opening of the exhibition, we invite you to a concert by Antoni Roker in the courtyard of Ostrowiec Cultural Brewery
8:00 pm Antoni Roker
Admission to the events is free.
“Chabiorowanie 1990-2090″
The title – Chabiorowanie 1990-2090, is a return to the diary of the Chabior journey and opening it up to the years to come.
At the exhibition at the Ostrowiec BWA, the artist will present the latest large-format canvases and paintings and drawings from his work in the 1990s. In his works you will find flashes of fairy tales, snippets of street events and dreams.
His lively line and sense of humor have been appreciated by the creative community, and Janusz Chabior has become known as an original and very active artist. He is already inviting the public to a retrospective exhibition of Chabior in 2090, the centennial of his scribbling….
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