We know the release date of JAN P. MATUSZYŃSKI’S film “Minghun”. | 17.06.2024

The international premiere of the film Minghun, directed by JAN P. MATUSZYŃSKI will take place on July 18th at the 24th mBank New Horizons International Film Festival!
After losing his daughter, Jurek (Marcin Dorocinski), together with his father-in-law Ben (Daxing Zhang), decides to perform the Chinese ritual of minghun – nuptials after death. “Minghun” is a story about hope, love and the search for the meaning of life and what comes after it. It tells of the most important emotions and existential limits of human experience.
The characters embark on a metaphorical and emotionally turbulent journey into themselves, the goal of which is to find the perfect partner for eternity for the deceased. The clash of two very different cultures is meant to help make both the film characters and the viewer realize that regardless of our backgrounds, we all belong to one human family, where basic emotions are common.

Cinematographer KACPER FERTACZ
Production design JOANNA KACZYŃSKA
The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.
Producer Wonder Films

“Minghun” will enter Polish cinemas in autumn.