JAN PESZEK as Snow Queen in a play “Serce ze szkła. Musical zen”. | 22.04.2024

“Serce ze szkła. Musical zen” based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” and Maria Peszek’s “Naku*wiam zen” is a musical performance in which Andersen’s fairy-tale reality collides with the concreteness of the real-life biographies of two acclaimed artists, father and daughter – Jan Peszek and Maria Peszek.
The title role of the “Snow Queen” is played by Jan Peszek, while Kaj, whose heart has been frozen by the ruler of the ice land, is played by Maria Peszek.
Tickets for future performances available at:…/serce_ze_szkla_musical_zen/

Photo: Dawid Grzelak
photo by Sisi Cecilia