Jerzy Zieliński, ASC

  • Birth year:


  • Graduate:

    Film School in Lodz

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Awarded for:

  • 2015

    SUMMER SOLSTICE, Gdynia (until 1986 Gdańsk) (Polish Feature Film Festival; since 2012 Gdynia Film Festival) Award for cinematography

  • 2015

    SUMMER SOLSTICE, Bydgoszcz (since 2010; 1993-99 Toruń; 2000-09 Lodz) (Plus Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography) Main Award in Polish Film Competition

  • 1991

    ESCAPE FROM THE "LIBERTY" CINEMA, Award of the Head of Cinematography for filmmaking in the field of feature film for cinematography in the field of feature film.

  • 1981

    THE PRIMER, Krakow (Krakow Film Festival - International Short Film Competition; until 2000 International Short Film Festival) Bronze Dragon for cinematography