Marta Malikowska

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  • Graduate:

    Stanislaw Wyspianski Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow

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Awarded for:

  • 2020

    DZIEŃ JAK CO DZIEŃ, Palm Springs International Film Festival, award for Best Actress

  • 2020

    DZIÓB W DZIÓB, Warsaw (Teatroteka Fest) Award of the Rector of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw for a student or graduate of the academy

  • 2017

    Acting award for her role in the play "Henrietta Lacks" from the New Theater in Warsaw and the Copernicus Science Center at the 57th Kalisz Theater Meetings

  • 2006

    PRZEBACZ (REJ. Marek Stacharski), Gdynia (Polish Feature Film Festival) Gdynia Mayor's Award for acting debut