“The girl with the Needle” by MAGNUS VON HORN in the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival! | 12.04.2024

The film “Girl with the Needle” directed by MAGNUS VON HORN in the main competition of Cannes Film Festival!

We sincerely congratulate you and keep our fingers crossed!

“Magnus von Horn’s film is set at the beginning of the 20th century, based on fact, a disturbing story about a woman in search of love and a sense of morality. Karoline (Vic Carmen Sonne) is a young factory worker in Copenhagen who finds herself in a difficult life situation. In her hour of need, she turns to a woman she meets by chance (Trine Dyrholm) for help. Thanks to this dramatic event, a peculiar thread of understanding is established between Karoline and Dagmar, which will change the lives of both of them.

Von Horn’s film has been described as a ‘tale of terrible truth’ and a work that strongly affects the viewer’s senses.”

You can read more in the ELLE article .